Like so many village magazines the Walkern Journal has evolved from a church magazine. The earliest example we have in the archive dates to August 1944, this is a church magazine that covers Walkern and surrounding parishes.

There is a gap in our archive until 1958 where we have just one copy for August . It is still predominately a church magazine but some non-secular articles are beginning to appear and there are advertisers.

Again we have a fairly long gap to our next issue in April 1972. The magazine is now a four page, A4 format magazine printed on high quality glossy paper. Michael Overman was responsible for resurrecting the magazine and continued to be it’s edito until 1984 and then for a second stint in 1987/88.

From here on we have almost a complete set of issues in the archive. It changed in 1999 to an A5 format with twenty pages and featured a sketch by John Soanes on the front cover. There followed a series of sketches by John on the covers until 1997 when the magazine reverted back to a four page A4 format. By 1988 about half the magazine was given over to village related articles and the advertising had increased considerably.

The editorship has changed many time since 1972, here is a list of the editors

Michael OvermanDec 1972 / Nov 1979
Geoffrey MarshallDec 1979 / May 1980
Geoffrey Marshall & Michael OvermanJun 1980 / Sep 1983
Michael Banks & Michael OvermanMar 1984 / Mar 1984
Michael BanksEaster 1984 / Easter 1984
Charles BardswellSummer 1984 / Dec 1986
Interpress (printers)Feb 1987 / Feb 1987
Michael OvermanMar 1987 / Feb 1988
Charles BardswellMar 1988 / Dec 1993
Reg StandingMar 1993 / Dec 1996
John Price (Vicar)Feb 1997 / Feb 1999
Michael Overman ?Mar 1999 / Oct 2004
Janet WoodallNov 2004 / Dec 2015
Steve WoodMar 2016 / ?
Rita Healey? / Nov 2020
Janet WoodallNov 2020 / Ongoing

We hope you enjoy looking through the old magazines. If you would like a PDF copy of any issue please email: walkernjournal@gmail.com